The Ruby Tree

Collections • Stripe
The courts of the golden age of Islamic culture were the wonder of their time, a fairytale world of dazzling richness and refinement. In the royal ateliers the greatest masters of the age created outstanding objets d’art to enchant their patrons. The Ruby Tree Collection is inspired by the beauty and brilliance of courtly living. Each piece is a precious work of art, made from the finest materials in the Islamic tradition, all rich with meaning and history.
Collections • Stripe
Bethan explains, ‘ I wanted to make a surface that transcends the traditional and breaks free into a separate identity, as if it were a sculpture or work of art with an energy all its own.’
Materials • Amazonite
Amazonite is a glowing green semi-precious stone treasured since Egyptian times for its beauty and healing qualities. Remains of Amazonite amulets were found in the tomb of King Tutankhamen. Marble comes from the Greek word marmaron, which means ‘shining stone’. Since Antiquity marble has been the ultimate stone for building or carving, possessing a luminous quality due to the refractive power of calcite that allows light to penetrate a few millimetres into the surface, creating a subtle glow. The Ruby Tree sources the purest white and black marble for its collections from India and Southeast Asia.
Details • Striped
The Ruby Tree Striped Collection pieces are objects of desire, with a graceful, luminous presence that blends easily with both traditional and modern interiors, grand occasions or intimate gatherings. The collection is cleverly designed to work in unison or separately, making it flexible and adaptable to your lifestyle and desires. The Ruby Tree Striped Collection can be expanded through our bespoke service if extra pieces are required for special occasions such as wedding dining sets, or corporate and state gifts.
Bespoke • Contact
Along with its signature collections, The Ruby Tree offers a bespoke service for those seeking exclusive, exciting, exceptional pieces.