The Ruby Tree

Collections • Petal
The courts of the golden age of Islamic culture were the wonder of their time, a fairytale world of dazzling richness and refinement. In the royal ateliers the greatest masters of the age created outstanding objets d’art to enchant their patrons. The Ruby Tree Collection is inspired by the beauty and brilliance of courtly living. Each piece is a precious work of art, made from the finest materials in the Islamic tradition, all rich with meaning and history.
Collections • Petal
Bethan says ‘I wanted to create something reflecting the beauty, purity and rarity of the materials I am using, in this case Lapis Lazuli, one of the most iconic stones in history which appears throughout the arts of the Islamic world, even ground into blue ink for illuminating precious manuscripts. The petal design resonates within the white round marble top creating a vision of harmony that is both calming and yet dynamic, like ripples in a pool of water’.
Materials • Lapis Lazuli
The Ruby Tree sources its Lapis Lazuli from ancient mines in Afghanistan, used by Alexander the Great who brought it to the West. Lapis Lazuli has always been sought after for its distinctive deep blue sprinkled with golden pyrite that sparkle like tiny stars. The colour ‘ultramarine’, made from ground Lapis Lazuli, has for centuries been used for Islamic calligraphy and manuscripts.
Materials • Rose Quartz
In the Islamic tradition, Rose Quartz is considered an auspicious stone, and is often used for prayer beads. It is associated with compassion, healing and harmony. Prized for its translucent soft pink glow, for centuries it has been carved into works of art or inlaid into precious objects. The best Rose Quartz comes from Madagascar, from where the most outstanding stones are selected for The Ruby Tree.
Materials • Ruby
Rubies are one of the world’s most beloved gemstones. Rare, precious and powerful, they have always been associated with royalty. The Ruby Tree selects rubies with intense colour and fire from Tanzania.
Details • Petal
The Ruby Tree Petal Collection pieces are objects of desire, with a graceful, luminous presence that blends easily with both traditional and modern interiors, grand occasions or intimate gatherings. Imagine a dining table of pure ruby petals blossoming across a white marble background, serving dishes glittering with inlaid gems, and candlelight filtered through translucent marble, each piece conjuring a setting of subtle splendour. The collection is cleverly designed to work in unison or separately, making it flexible and adaptable to your lifestyle and desires.
Bespoke • Contact
Along with its signature collections, The Ruby Tree offers a bespoke service for those seeking exclusive, exciting, exceptional pieces.